Life, Love & Law in The Netherlands

Datum 09-06-2016
Tijdstip 19:30 - 22:00
Locatie RWV Advocaten, Attemazaal
Voor wie Expats

An informative and social evening for expats

You are an expat and living in The Netherlands. Have you settled? Can you adjust to Dutch culture and way of living? Do you live here with your family? Does everyone respond to his or her new environment in the same way? If you came here as a single, chances are you meet your significant other or already have, and want to make the next step. Move in together, or get married!

And what happens when you have a child? Are you aware of the legal consequences these steps bring about, or when you break up? What happens then? All complicated matters and even more when you live abroad.

Expect the unexpected

As family lawyers we often get involved with people, young families, when trouble starts. However, we would like to raise awareness of parts of Dutch family law upfront, and prevent troubles afterwards.

For example, what are the legal consequences of:   

  • buying a house
  • having a child
  • getting married
  • breaking up or divorce

And what if you can’t settle in The Netherlands? Or if there is tension between you, your partner, your children or between family members and the new environment?

During this evening we will address these subjects and answer any questions you might have about family law in The Netherlands or living in The Netherlands.

Liesbeth Bouwhuis from Bepper Coaching and the Family lawyers of RWV Advocaten would like to invite you for an informative evening with a social drink afterwards.

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