Coronavirus Help Desk

All the news at the moment is about the coronavirus outbreak (also known as Covid-19). Most forms of international travel have been curtailed, investors around the world are breaking into a cold sweat and museums, theatres, cafés and restaurants have closed their doors. The disease has now been officially classified as a pandemic and many governments, including the Dutch government, have taken drastic steps to prevent the further spread of the virus. These are worrying times and you will no doubt be deeply concerned about the potential consequences for your business.

It is now clear that the coronavirus is set to have a huge impact not just on public health in the Netherlands, but also on the Dutch economy. All major events, gatherings and meetings have been banned and you may find yourself facing trading difficulties because you can no longer deliver or manufacture your products. Alternatively, certain restrictions may have been imposed on your business operations. Whatever the case, financial difficulties may well be the result.

The government has now announced various forms of emergency relief for businesses affected by Covid-19. A number of new and adjusted schemes have been put in place, including the Temporary Emergency Bridging Measure to Preserve Jobs, the Social Assistance Scheme for the Self-Employed, the extension of the scheme for government-guaranteed loans to small and medium-sized enterprises, and a ‘tax holiday’.

Coronavirus Help Desk

These are worrying times and you will probably have all sorts of questions on your mind. The expert staff manning our Coronavirus Help Desk are ready to answer all your legal queries.

They are available around the clock to advise you on the best course of action to take in order to minimise the direct and indirect effects of the coronavirus on your organisation.

You can contact our Help Desk by telephone or by email (or by completing the contact form on our website). One of our staff will then get in touch with you within 24 hours.

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