Agricultural Law

Agricultural law is the collective name for all legal issues concerning the agricultural industry and the industrial processing of agricultural products for the foodstuffs sector. Such issues may involve:

  • agricultural leases
  • plant breeder’s rights and licences
  • the bulb trade
  • agricultural grants and subsidies
  • agricultural trade law
  • food safety and food quality
  • the law on plant diseases and animal welfare
  • agricultural contracts and liability
  • business succession and restructuring 

We deal with all cases involving agricultural law. All our Agri & Food lawyers have a personal connection with the agricultural industry, making them ideally placed to quickly analyse any problems and come up with potential solutions. 

What can we do for you?


Legal opinions are an important aspect of our work. A carefully drafted contract or plant breeder’s licence can often remove the need for legal proceedings.


We can litigate for you in any field that touches on agricultural law. We can represent you in court, for instance, in cases involving agricultural leases, animal diseases or crop damage caused by faulty supplies of fertiliser or pesticides.

Who are our clients?

We advise and represent all sorts of agricultural businesses such as arable farmers, cattle farmers, bulb-growers, greenhouse gardeners, breeders, agricultural traders and manufacturers of animal feed and foodstuffs.

The Agri & Food Practice Group

Agricultural law is for specialists. That’s why we have our own Agri & Food Practice Group, made up of lawyers specialising in agricultural law.

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