Food safety and food quality

If you produce or trade in foodstuffs or animal feed, you will be subject to all sorts of statutory rules and regulations, as well as to the contractual arrangements you make with your customers. Whether you’re operating as a producer, importer, exporter or trader, a vast number of rules directly affect your interests, so you need to be absolutely clear about your position at an early stage. After all, you’re running a big financial risk, as your products will generally lose all their value if they become the subject of a dispute. Clear arrangements with all your contractual partners will help to rule out any unnecessary risks. 

What can we do for you?

Our specialist lawyers are experienced in dealing with issues relating to food safety and food quality. We regularly advise and represent potato, vegetable and fruit producers, as well as food and beverage wholesalers. We advise on and litigate in matters regarding imports (i.e. customs-related cases) and the marketing of fruit from non-EU countries and foodstuffs from both EU and non-EU countries. If necessary, we make use of external research agencies and other specialist firms.

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