The agricultural industry and liability

Crop damage and production losses in animal husbandry are problems that can easily affect farmers and their suppliers. Faulty deliveries of fertiliser or pesticides, or a wrongly adjusted climate control program can leave a huge trail of damage behind. The questions is: who caused the damage and who’s liable for the financial consequences?

Our specialists in agricultural law are ideally placed to help you answer these questions and take the burden off your shoulders.

Quality and safety

The ongoing mergers and acquisitions in the agricultural industry, combined with the adoption of modern production technology, have had the effect of boosting agricultural output. At the same time, producers need to meet ever tougher quality standards. Despite these advances, there is always a possibility that a product is not as safe as might reasonably be expected and hence could cause loss or damage. Agricultural traders and producers are at risk of being sued for selling a faulty product. If you have not clearly defined the extent of your product liability in a contract, you may find yourself facing a massive bill for damages. You can in any event use general terms and conditions to limit your liability.

What can we do for you?

Thanks to our wide experience, we know all the do’s and don’ts of general terms and conditions. In the knowledge that prevention is better than cure, we can draft a set of terms and conditions carefully tailored to your own specific circumstances. And in cases where prevention is no longer an option, we can support you in disputes on all aspects of liability.

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