The law on plant diseases and animal welfare

Farmers depend on their crops and livestock, both of which require massive investments of time and money. Despite your best efforts, however, your crops or livestock may still be affected by disease. This may bring you into contact with administrative laws such as the Plant Diseases Act (Plantenziektenwet), the Animals Act (Wet Dieren) or the Health and Welfare of Animals Act (Gezondheids- en welzijnswet voor dieren). 

Ban on certain crops

Under these laws, the government is entitled, for example, to prohibit you from cultivating certain crops or to impose a temporary ban on the movement of animals to or from your premises. 

Animal welfare

Livestock farmers are also subject to regulations on animal welfare. Farmers who fail to comply with these regulations may be compelled to do so by the government, either under an administrative order or under an order subject to a penalty. In short, farmers need to be acutely aware of the legal framework in which they operate.

What can we do for you?

Our specialist lawyers can advise you on how to deal with problems resulting from the law on plant diseases and animal welfare. We can also draft a letter of objection or notice of appeal on your behalf if you feel that the relevant administrative authority has made errors in enforcing the law in relation to your business.

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