Collaborative divorce

Court proceedings and mediation are not the only ways of resolving disputes. A ‘collaborative divorce’ is another form of dispute resolution. This is a method of conflict resolution that has the same advantages as mediation, including the prevention of prolonged, costly legal proceedings.

It’s all about finding a way out together rather than competing against one another. Backed by a team of professionals, the two parties work out the details of the divorce settlement. Respect is the key to success here: respect for each other and for each other's family background.

One of the preconditions for a successful collaborative divorce is a promise by both partners not to go to court during the process. Open communication allows the partners to retain the right balance of knowledge, ability, emotions and authority. If necessary, we will call in the help of an expert such as an accountant or a psychologist.

What can we do for you?

It goes without saying that our lawyers are closely involved in this process. Although we represent our client first and foremost, our role also involves constantly assisting both partners. This creates a secure negotiating climate for both parties. The aim is to reach an agreement that satisfies all the interests of both partners, as well as those of any children and any business that also features in the equation. This lays the foundations for a new future.

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