Maintenance (child and spousal)

Divorce does not end the spouses’ obligation to financially support one another if required. Nor does it end their obligation to contribute to the cost of raising and taking care of children. These are duties of care that remain in existence, in the form of spousal and child maintenance.

Calculating the size of maintenance payments is very much an individual matter. Obviously, our lawyers know all about the guidelines applied by the courts, but each situation is different and comes with its own individual assessment of the spouses’ needs, financial capacity and other relevant factors. 

What can we do for you?

Our lawyers are experts in finance and tax, knowledge that is indispensable for giving sound advice on your situation, especially where a business is involved. We keep close track of new developments and changes in the law on maintenance. Our many years of experience are excellent preparation for answering all your questions in this field and performing accurate calculations.

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