Child abduction (international)

Whether it’s a case of children failing to return home after a holiday with one of their parents or disappearing after a parental visit, the statistics show that child abduction is becoming more and more common.

The Netherlands has signed a number of international treaties relating to child abduction. The overriding principle in all of these is that a child who is abducted to another country by one parent against the other parent’s will must be returned to the country where he or she was living before he or she was abducted. In many cases, it is not clear which parent was responsible for the child at the time of the abduction. The next thing that needs to be established is whether the country to which the child was taken has signed one of the child abduction treaties. If not, it may prove very difficult to get the child back.

What can we do for you?

Our lawyers can advise and assist you during legal proceedings. As we are in regular contact with international organisations, it is easy for us to contact foreign lawyers to discuss the law on custody rights in the country concerned.

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