Agri & Food

We have our own in-house specialists who can deal with any legal problems affecting agricultural businesses or the industrial processing of agricultural produce. Many of our Agri & Food lawyers have a personal connection with the agricultural industry, making them ideally placed to quickly analyse any problems and come up with potential solutions.

Specific legislation

Specialist lawyers are vitally important where agricultural law is concerned. They need to know, for example, that agricultural leases have a different status (under the Agricultural Tenancies Act) from other types of lease. They must be aware that the regulations on agricultural quotas are gradually being superseded by ever more complex environmental legislation. And they must recognise that both agriculture and the food industry are coming under increasing public scrutiny as people take more interest in fair trade, sustainability and social responsibility.

RWV Advocaten: specialists in Agri & Food

Our lawyers keep close track of all these changes, both at home and abroad. We can advise you and represent you in court in any field that touches on agricultural law. Our services range from drafting a contract or a licence to applying for an agricultural grant and litigating in relation to food safety, product liability and commercial law. We are pleased to assist all agricultural businesses, from bulb growers and cattle farmers to manufacturers of animal feeds and foodstuffs.

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