Bioscience & Space

Rapid innovation, fierce competition, a wealth of start-ups and mountains of new legislation, both domestic and international: that’s bioscience in a nutshell. These are innovations that need to be registered and protected, competitors who use parallel imports or even full-blown counterfeits to get a piece of the action, and start-up companies that need to invest in technologies or licences. And then there’s all the legislation, which changes perhaps even more quickly than the industry itself. Sound familiar? That probably means your company operates in the bioscience & space industry!

Sound advice

So what can we do for you, as the owner or manager of a firm in the bioscience or space industry? For a start, we can assist you with takeovers, mergers, issues involving intellectual property (including patent and trademark law), counterfeit products, product liability, finance, competition and product registration. You can also benefit from our services if you’re a forwarding agent, a licensee, a wholesaler or a bioscience investor. Whatever your status and whatever the scale of your business, it’s worth taking sound legal advice before embarking on legal proceedings. Indeed, good advice will often prevent the need for proceedings in the first place.

RWV Advocaten: specialists in bioscience & space

Thanks to our team of specialists in bioscience & space, we can offer our clients the expertise they need for dealing with complex legal documents such as licensing agreements, distribution contracts, participation agreements and research contracts. Where necessary, we can draw on our extensive international network. The result is a winning combination: local knowledge coupled with the expertise of a robust network.

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