Care & Education

The common denominator between care services and education is the human factor. Other aspects that play a key role in both markets are quality, efficiency and safety. And where large sums of public money are involved, good governance is also a vital requirement. Care institutions and educational establishments are under an obligation both to provide the necessary reporting information and to obtain any information they may need.

Rapid professionalisation

Both the care and the educational markets are professionalising rapidly: both are being opened up to market forces, quality is being given a more prominent role, there’s stricter supervision, the issue of professional confidentiality is coming under increasing scrutiny, and there’s also the influence exerted by the growing body of EU law. As both industries professionalise, so administrative procedures and legal contracts are becoming more and more important. Patients, parents, pupils and students alike are becoming more and more assertive in their demands, one of which is for complete transparency.

RWV Advocaten: specialists in care & education

We are ready to assist both those who are active in the care industry, from hospitals to homecare agencies, and those working for and managing educational institutions, from childcare services to universities. Our specialist team of lawyers brings together expertise from a wide range of related legal disciplines, such as employment law, public service law, administrative law and the law on personal injuries. Your concerns are our concerns!

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