Consumer Goods & Retail

No other market reflects today’s changing times quite as well as the consumer goods and retail market. Today’s consumers are unpredictable and fickle, and expect orders placed today to be delivered tomorrow at the latest. The fate awaiting suppliers of sub-standard products is digital crucifixion on social media. Lasting success in this market requires an ability to respond at lightning speed to novel trends such as new distribution channels, ever fiercer competition and a growing public demand for socially responsible production techniques.

Change is the name of the game

Those operating in a dynamic market need the services of equally dynamic lawyers who are familiar with the peculiarities of that market. They need lawyers who can act quickly and effectively and who are backed by a network of internal and external specialists. Look no further than RWV Advocaten: we employ specialists in the consumer goods and retail market who can handle all your queries about consumer law, trademark protection and product liability, as well as issues relating to business law, contracts of employment and property deals.

RWV Advocaten: specialists in consumer goods and retail

Our lawyers can draw on many years of experience in the ever-changing retail market. We work for large, medium-sized and small businesses (including franchise operations), both new and established, and both physical and virtual (or ‘bricks and clicks’). Whether you’re running a webshop from your home, producing traditionally baked loaves in an artisan bakery, or managing a vast chain of supermarkets, we’re familiar with your market and at home in your local area.

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