Family businesses

If you’re running or working for a family-owned business, chances are that you’re immensely proud of it. Your sense of pride is something we understand. And we realise full well that, in many respects, a family firm is a very unusual sort of business. Due to their unusual nature and the specific problems this often brings with it, family businesses occupy a special legal niche. Precisely because of the interweaving of professional and personal interests, and the fact that lines of command do not necessarily follow the family hierarchy, all the relevant family members need to think very carefully about the legal aspects of keeping the business ‘in the family’ and tie up any loose legal ends.

The succession problem

Succession is a hot potato for any family business. The big question is: is there a suitable successor in the family, or will the business have to be sold? And what will the management structure look like after the new owner takes over? Many family businesses are managed very differently from other businesses. There’s often no clear boundary between family and business interests, and all those involved feel a tremendous personal commitment to the business. These two factors raise the risk of a conflict. Fortunately, avoiding conflicts is one of our main aims in life.

RWV Advocaten: specialists in family businesses

We can help you to resolve problems with the sale of the business or the transfer of title to a new owner, and also to regulate the ownership structure and resolve conflicts. The solutions we propose are in the interests of both your family and your business.

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