Financial Services

The financial industry is the locomotive of the Dutch economy and a vital link in the business chain. However, it’s also an industry that has been inundated in recent times with new regulations, tougher standards and stricter supervision of loans and security.

In good times and bad

We can advise you not only on how to retain a clean bill of financial health, but also on what to do if you find yourself in financial difficulties, or if your customers or suppliers find themselves facing financial problems. If need be, we can petition for bankruptcy – or protect you from imminent bankruptcy, as the case may be. If bankruptcy is unavoidable, we can help relaunch your business afterwards. We can also advise you on the takeover of a target company that is itself in financial difficulties. Our clients include both small and large firms, operating in both domestic and international markets.

RWV Advocaten: specialists in the financial industry

Our team of lawyers includes specialists in business law and insolvency law whose day-to-day work involves resolving problems affecting people and companies in financial difficulties. Our lawyers regularly act as receivers and administrators. Working on a company takeover or relaunch means taking decisions quickly and under great pressure and being ready to move in a totally new direction at the drop of a hat. Where necessary, we can draw on our extensive network of external specialists. Our ultimate aim is to help you retain the loyalty of all your stakeholders, i.e. your shareholders, your management and staff, and your suppliers and customers.

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