If your local authority decides to alter the local land-use plan and the changes work to your disadvantage, you may wish to lodge a formal objection. Alternatively, the local authority may take a decision against which you wish to appeal. Both of these cases involve administrative law, the branch of law that regulates the dealings of government bodies such as local authorities, provincial councils and district water boards.

Different legal disciplines

Strictly speaking, you do not need to be represented by a lawyer in administrative proceedings. You are entitled to pursue objection and appeal procedures yourself. The big question is whether this is makes sense. Administrative law is highly technical and often involves the interplay of different legal disciplines. Also, you can’t generally go back on a decision you’ve already taken in the past, even if you’ve long forgotten about it. And the administrative courts look at cases differently from the civil courts. In short, professional assistance is often the key to success.

RWV Advocaten: specialists in administrative law

Do feel free to ask us to help if you’re not sure how to proceed, preferably before you actually object to a land-use plan or an administrative penalty. We’ll help you to produce convincing arguments on behalf of your case – and within the statutory time limits. Our specialist lawyers have many years of experience with all sorts of government bodies – local, provincial and national.

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