Hospitality & Leisure

If you work in the hospitality & leisure industry, you may sometimes get the feeling that you spend more time dealing with administrative, licensing and legal procedures than making sure your guests have a good time. Among the laws you need to comply with are the Licensing and Catering Act, the Betting and Gaming Act and the Tobacco Act. And then there’s the no small matter of environmental and terrace permits. In fact, there are so many rules and regulations to observe, even the administrative authorities themselves find it hard to keep track.

It’s often worth lodging a formal objection

Not only are licensing and catering regulations in the Netherlands complex and wide-ranging, they’re also often open to conflicting interpretations. Not surprisingly, just about every business in the hospitality & leisure industry has to deal with legal problems at some stage, whether it’s a matter of extending the surface of an outdoor café or dealing with neighbours’ complaints about noise. Similarly, you may find that the local authority insists you should undergo an ‘ethical screening’ procedure under the Public Administration (Probity Screening) Act. In a situation like this, it makes good business sense to call on the services of an experienced lawyer who is familiar with the law on the hospitality & leisure industry.

RWV Advocaten: specialists in the hospitality & leisure industry

Whether you’re running a local pub or a five-star luxury hotel, you’re more than welcome as a client of ours. Our specialist lawyers have plenty of experience in dealing with the law on the hospitality & leisure industry and all sorts of related issues, ranging from company law to administrative and environmental law. And, of course, they constantly monitor the latest developments in national and local rules and regulations.

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