Manufacturing Industry & International Trade

Manufacturing industry is one of the pillars of the Dutch economy. Dutch exporters send their goods all over the world, thereby creating all sorts of attractive new opportunities. At the same time, high-value transactions can also mean massive risks. Have you protected your trademark? Are your contracts watertight all over the world? And do you know exactly how far your liability extends?

A borderless world

A multidisciplinary team of lawyers including specialists in trademark protection, competition law and imports and exports are ready to advise you and, where necessary, to litigate on your behalf. They can also help you draft contracts for international use and undertake mergers or enter into other types of partnerships.

RWV Advocaten: specialists in manufacturing industry and international trade

Whether you’re thinking of entering the international market for the first time or are a seasoned exporter, and whether you’re running a huge manufacturing plant or a small firm, RWV Advocaten has specialist lawyers who speak both the language of international trade and (if necessary) the language of the country you’re planning on doing business with.

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