Transport & Logistics

The Netherlands has a reputation as an international transport hub. Every day, motor vehicles, ships and aircraft transport all sorts of cargoes in, through and to the Netherlands. All these cargoes are accompanied by just as many Dutch and international shipping documents, licences and dispensations. They bring all sorts of different risks with them, which is why it’s so important to check at regular intervals that you’ve got every legal base covered.


There are all sorts of hazards inherent to the transport & logistics business, from goods delivered late or to the wrong address, to road accidents and damage caused during unloading or storage. Add to the mix a virtually impenetrable jungle of documents, particularly where international transport is concerned, and it’s not hard to understand why it’s often unclear who is liable for what and whose insurance policy covers any losses if something goes wrong.

RWV Advocaten: specialists in transport & logistics

Our specialist lawyers worth for all sorts of companies in the transport & logistics industry, large and small and Dutch and international. It goes without saying that we closely follow the latest developments in the industry, and that we have the backing of an extensive network of external specialists, both at home and abroad. Thanks to our knowledge of liability, insurance and employment law, we can quickly get you moving again if you run into a problem en route.

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