You want the best legal solution for your issues, especially if they keep you awake at night. But what’s the best solution? You need an expert sparring partner. Someone who proactively makes suggestions and thinks both inside and outside the box. Someone who explains all your options. What are the risks of doing nothing? How far can you go, and when should you stop? Legal and practical advice, tailored to you.

Genuinely involved

At RWV Advocaten, we understand your needs. Our skilled and passionate lawyers work with you to solve your legal issues. Preferably also the underlying problem, because we like durable solutions. We do that in our own authentic, genuinely involved manner that suits you, so that everything feels right. Because when you’re content, we are too.


You benefit from our legal expertise in combination with clear communication and strong strategies for both today and tomorrow. We seize and generate opportunities that make a difference. We create chances and get things done. Positively, pragmatically and, above all, effectively. 


You benefit from the best possible advice and the most efficient approach possible. Because every customer and every case is different, we reach clear and customised agreements about our costs, whether an hourly rate, fixed rate, mixed fee, success fee or hybrid fees. In line with our positive approach, there are all kind of possibilities. Discuss your wishes with your RWV sparring partner, and we will find the appropriate match. Our genuine involvement is part of every package. 



We believe that growth is only possible if you can do business freely, with a primary focus on innovation and seizing opportunities. This is challenging in a world where social and technological developments, legislation and regulations keep coming at an ever-faster pace. As an entrepreneur, you want to be able to depend on positivity, expertise and both professional and personal guidance that nurtures your entrepreneurial spirit and provides peace of mind.

At RWV Advocaten, we believe in a world in which everyone has the freedom to discover and develop their talents to make their dreams and ambitions come true.

We believe that laws, practical objections and despair should not stand in the way of dreams, action and a good night’s sleep.


The world in general is changing rapidly and becoming increasingly complex, and the world of legislation and regulations is no exception. As a result, the legal situation can be unclear and sometimes overwhelming for many people.

We fully understand that! Where possible, we take the weight and worries off your shoulders and bridge the gap between the legal possibilities and your reality to help you find best solution.

  • We combine our understanding of your needs with solid legal and strategic expertise.
  • We offer peace of mind, clarity and pragmatic solutions.
  • We ease the burden on you in conflict situations.
  • We successfully solve the problem.
In short, we are authentic, involved, positive and passionate legal experts!

RWV Advocaten is a partnership that also includes professional companies and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce Leiden under number: 27340982