Family law

Family law encompasses all the legal aspects of human relations in the broadest sense of the word, from before the cradle to beyond the grave. Basically, family law is about people. In addition to being legal experts, our lawyers know about human relations and take a personal interest in their clients. Which is a good thing, as no two people – and no two situations – are the same. We deliver a personalised service. We offer our clients a working relationship that is built on trust and a sense of security, and in which we join forces to find the best solution for our clients.

What can we do for you?

We advise, mediate and litigate in matters concerning marriage, cohabitation, divorce, birth and death.

If you are thinking about getting divorced and are unsure about the amount of maintenance you would be required to pay, we can advise you on the best action to take in your specific circumstances. 

We are firm advocates of mediation so as to keep conflicts outside the courtroom. We will do everything in our power to reconcile the differences between the parties to a dispute, so that they can carry on with their lives in harmony, on the basis of mutual agreements. Litigation is time-consuming, hardens standpoints and absorbs money and energy. These are all things we would like to prevent. After all, the situation is difficult enough as it is. 

If mediation is no longer feasible, we will of course represent our clients in court.

For whom?

Our services are available to anyone involved in a personal conflict – businesspeople and private individuals alike – who needs a practical, legally watertight solution.

Why RWV Advocaten?

Although we are known for getting results, we don’t actually give ourselves a pat on the back until our clients tell us that we have been a great support to them during a difficult time in their lives. After all, it’s not the case, but the person who counts. That’s why we have a policy of getting together with our clients beforehand to decide on the result we are aiming for.

Regrettably, many cases produce complications. A client in divorce proceedings, for example, may find that the situation affects his or her work or business. In such cases, we may ask for advice from lawyers from our other practice groups (Employment Law and Company Law in this particular case). We want to prevent problems from piling up.

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