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What can we can do for you?

Our Intellectual Property Practice Group provides a wide range of services in relation to IP issues and legal proceedings. If necessary, we will engage the services of external experts such as trade mark and design agents, customs agents and detective agencies. 


We work for both Dutch and international companies in many different markets.

what our clients say about us

Jeroen and Jasper were quick to make themselves extremely clear, and advised me not to roll out the system in the way I had envisaged as the risks were simply too great. Although I was naturally disappointed at first, I am glad to have received such open and honest advice.

Bas ZwaagSoftware engineer en ondernemer

Matthy, Harjo and Jasper were very pleasant to work with and responded rapidly to changes. Thanks in part to their expertise and strategic advice, we were able to resolve the dispute and achieve a very satisfactory result. As a copyright specialist, Jasper provided us with a rock-solid legal foundation. This had a major influence on the final outcome.

Henk Braat

Olympus Nederland

Why should you contact our intellectual property lawyers?

We are well-versed in intellectual property law as well as in related areas such as customs and competition law. Our Intellectual Property Practice Group works in close cooperation with our Company Law and Tendering & Competition Practice Groups.

If you engage us to represent your interests, you will be assigned a personal lawyer who will work in close cooperation with you in order to ensure that our strategy is completely in line with your own specific wishes and organisational needs. We combine specialist expertise with careful planning, thus guaranteeing that we take the right steps at the right time. 

Our intellectual property lawyers 
are ready for you! 

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