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You are a lot stronger with the right support. You can go further, discover more possibilities and experience greater peace of mind. You will find all this and more at RWV Advocaten in Leiden

RWV ADvocatengenuinely involved

About RWV

We are an enterprising law firm for businesses and individuals. Our enthusiastic lawyers work closely with you to manage your legal affairs and solve your problems: strategically, sustainably, and both inside and outside the box. We use clear language, have short lines of communication, are experienced and very involved. We create opportunities and take care of things properly in a way that suits you, so that everything feels right. Because when you’re content, we are too.

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what our clients say about us

It is always difficult to be involved as an outsider in a situation where a lot of facts are important to settle a difficult and long-running case as quickly as possible. Birgitte appears to have absolutely no difficulty in doing so. She knows how to organize both the factual/business information and the emotional components well, allowing her to get to work quickly and take charge. That is very nice and feels familiar. Thanks for the fine cooperation Birgitte!

Leonoor van den Burg-Duivenvoorde


I needed a lawyer to resolve a hopeless situation. Ex-partner released from joint and several liability for the mortgage. I succeeded due to the expertise, knowledge, good consultation, empathic ability, thoroughness and speed of Charlotte Houben. Experienced as very pleasant and helped with a difficult case where others saw no way out. If you have a difficult case, I would surely recommend her.



My experience with lawyer Ciska Elsinga and RWV was excellent! I am sincerely grateful for the exceptional legal assistance you provided me in my recent case. Your professionalism, dedication and expertise truly made a difference. Thanks to your guidance, I always felt well-informed and supported, which greatly reassured me during this challenging period. Your determination and commitment led to a positive outcome for which I am extremely grateful. 



Nadine van der Slot knows our organization well, is very knowledgeable and involved, thinks with us, immerses herself in the situation and will always paint a clear and realistic picture of the possibilities and risks.

Marian Habraken

AB Zuid-Holland

No matter what issue, I call Nadine van der Slot. She always assists us with good advice and is reliable and personal. She speaks clearly and plainly, and her strategy is bold but certainly effective. We trust her expertise blindly.

Ruben Leeflang

Leeflang Cleaning & Transport BV

Sylvia Timmermans: We are extremely happy with the result. Nadine, Kimberley and Jeroen included all our wishes in the Legal Design designs. On top of that, feedback from employees has been very positive. They are happy that the documents are short, concise and clear. And engaging to read.

Sylvia TimmermansDunavie

Ciska Elsinga supported me in a mediation process regarding a divorce. My experiences with her have been very positive. A pleasant collaboration in which Ciska is legally thorough with an eye for the human side and relationships. With fast and adequate service she is a real support!



Mr. Dekkers has helped us very accurately with the settlement of our previous rental agreement (collective business building) and its service costs settlement. His advice and insights were exactly right. Mr. Dekkers also helped us with entering into a new agreement.

Elisabeth van der Meulen-Soepboer

Guest parent agency De Wâlden

I received great help at RWV lawyers from Charlotte Houben in settling my divorce with understanding and support towards me. Communication was clear and agreements were honoured.

Maryna van der Spoel


Despite the unpleasant time, Ciska Elsinga pleasantly assisted me in realizing my divorce. Due to several circumstances, my divorce was more complicated, including an international aspect. Therefore, I was looking for a family law attorney with enough experience. Ciska came across as competent and gave me honest advice. The conversations I had with her were pleasant. She thought with me about the most appropriate solutions.



Thanks to Harjo and Kelly, we opted for bankruptcy in time. It was not an easy decision, but ultimately it was the best choice for both the company and the staff. Because of them, we knew exactly what to do in this difficult situation.

Penny BuurmanBuurman & Buurman

Jeroen and Jasper were quick to make themselves extremely clear, and advised me not to roll out the system in the way I had envisaged as the risks were simply too great. Although I was naturally disappointed at first, I am glad to have received such open and honest advice.

Bas ZwaagSoftware engineer en ondernemer

Matthy, Harjo and Jasper were very pleasant to work with and responded rapidly to changes. Thanks in part to their expertise and strategic advice, we were able to resolve the dispute and achieve a very satisfactory result. As a copyright specialist, Jasper provided us with a rock-solid legal foundation. This had a major influence on the final outcome.

Henk Braat

Olympus Nederland

Kelly was the perfect partner for reviewing our franchise agreements. Her experience and specialist knowledge of franchise law enabled her to discuss the franchise aspects of our business in both practical and legal terms. The communication between us was very pleasant, both for us and for our franchisees.

Mark RooijersR.V.E. Plantenhandel

Very occasionally, you run into an opportunity you simply cannot afford to ignore. In that case, it’s a matter of not hesitating and acting quickly and decisively. Thanks to Matthy's knowledge and experience, plus the backing of English documentation and a network of foreign contacts, Matthy and his team proved to be the ideal advisers to help us complete this deal. Read more

John CelieGroenland B.V.

It was a long process during which Matthy was available for consultation at any time, always striking the right tone. His experience in the legal and financial world meant that he had a full grasp of the financial implications of the transaction. At the same time, his role also involved managing a team of bankers, financial advisers and tax lawyers. Read more

Loek PostmaBodyTrade B.V.