Anne-Mar Bootsma


As a specialist in family law, Anne-Mar takes a keen personal interest in helping her clients overcome problems such as a divorce and all the various financial aspects this involves. Thanks to its unique combination of legal, financial and emotional facets, family law has a particular attraction for Anne-Mar.

Having graduated in both law and educational sciences, Anne-Mar is acutely aware of the impact that a divorce can have on all those concerned, particularly children. For this reason, her aim at all times is to negotiate a solution that satisfies both parties and in which the children’s interests are paramount.

Her training and empathetic nature means that she takes a close interest in both the emotional and the legal aspects of her cases. When required by the circumstances, Anne-Mar does not hesitate to defend her clients’ interests in court. She has a keen legal mind allied with outstanding analytical skills. Thanks to her experience in working as a court registrar, she is fully capable of looking at a case from a number of different angles, which is a huge boon in coming up with effective, creative solutions to legal problems.

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