The Property Law Practice Group deals with all property-related matters. These include problems and disputes involving:

  • construction law
  • landlord and tenant law
  • sale of property
  • easements (such as rights of way)
  • ground rent
  • building and planting rights
  • statutory property rights between adjoining properties

Our aim is to deliver a top-class service by working both thoroughly and efficiently – which may also mean taking a look at the actual situation on the ground. That’s why we win cases.

What can we do for you?

We can represent you in court in any cases involving property law, from disputes between landlords and tenants to problems involving the sale of property, including commercial premises.

We can also litigate on your behalf in construction disputes, for example in relation to problems with the completion and acceptance of a building project, irrespective of whether the action is being pursued in an ordinary court or a court of arbitration.

Consultancy is an important aspect of our work. Sound advice can often obviate the need for taking your case to court, whilst professional mediation is a good way of resolving a dispute by amicable means, i.e. without having to resort to the courts.

In matters involving property law, the contractual parties often have a long-standing relationship with each other. Mediation can sometimes be an effective solution, for example in cases involving disputes with neighbours or ‘apartment rights’.

Who do we work for?

Our clients include businesses such as property developers, managers of owners’ associations, building contractors, estate agents and architects, as well as private individuals.

Why choose RWV Advocaten?

We are property specialists who know the local area like the back of our hands. Our direct lines of communication with other practice groups at RWV enable us to deliver a wide range of services of outstanding quality.

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