Judith Henstra-Prins


Judith was born and bred in the Westland region between The Hague and Rotterdam, which is particularly well-known for its glasshouse horticulture. Indeed, she comes from a family of fruit and vegetable exporters. She studied law at Leiden and then spent seven years running a business together with her boyfriend, who had a background in the catering industry. It was during this period that she built up a reputation as a good judge of character, as someone who is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get down to work, and as a dogged fighter who doesn’t give up at the first hurdle. 'Thanks to my experience in running a business, I have a pretty good idea of the sort of challenges faced by business owners. Because I speak the language of business, I’m ideally placed to advise people who run their own businesses and give them the legal support they need.' 


  • Bachelor’s degree in law at Leiden University
  • Master’s degree in civil law at Leiden University



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