Attention must also be given from a very early stage to the effects of the possible termination of negotiations, the exchange of information, exclusivity, and guarantees and warranties.

A legal audit is another important part of virtually all takeovers. This is compulsory for buyers, while sellers are obliged to supply any information that they know, or ought to know, is of interest to the buyer.

Every takeover involves questions about finance, employee participation, staff and the transfer of staff that need to be answered, as well as competition issues, group company structures and Works Councils. Our takeover specialists can supervise the process and show you the way.

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Very occasionally, you run into an opportunity you simply cannot afford to ignore. In that case, it’s a matter of not hesitating and acting quickly and decisively. Thanks to Matthy's knowledge and experience, plus the backing of English documentation and a network of foreign contacts, Matthy and his team proved to be the ideal advisers to help us complete this deal. Read more

John CelieGroenland B.V.

It was a long process during which Matthy was available for consultation at any time, always striking the right tone. His experience in the legal and financial world meant that he had a full grasp of the financial implications of the transaction. At the same time, his role also involved managing a team of bankers, financial advisers and tax lawyers. Read more

Loek PostmaBodyTrade B.V.

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