Dispensation from land-use plan

Our lawyers can deal with all the various spatial planning procedures and are ready to assist if you are adversely affected by a planning decision – for example, where a land-use plan is amended or if an individual or company is granted dispensation from the terms of a land-use plan. In such a situation, you may be entitled to compensation on the grounds that you have suffered a financial loss as a result of government planning decisions (known as planschade in Dutch).

Losses caused by government planning 

If you present a claim for compensation to your local authority, the latter will first assess whether you have indeed suffered a loss and, if so, whether it would not be reasonable to expect you to bear part of it. Also, the council will seek to establish whether you are not entitled to any other form of compensation. Our professionals will be more than willing to assist you with any of these points.

Our administrative law lawyers 
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