Boardroom matters

We supply a full range of services for company directors, ranging from advice to litigation on issues relating to the liability of directors and company officers. Directors need to know exactly where their freedom of movement stops and their risks start. Acting in some cases on their own initiative, directors plan for developments that might create tensions in their relations with shareholders, supervisors, banks or creditors.

The board of directors is a pivotal part of any organisation, carrying ample powers and responsibilities. Equally, however, the board is often a target for those wanting to vent their frustrations, whether rightly or wrongly.

In some cases, the directors of a company are well insured against various forms of liability. But what interests are the directors supposed or required to serve? What choices may they make, and have they made in the past, for that matter? Is the board – and are individual directors – liable vis-à-vis the company they manage? And what third parties are entitled to hold the directors liable for any loss or damage they suffer as a result of the company’s policies and measures such as reorganisations? Take the company’s banks and creditors, for example, if the company goes into liquidation. And what sort of claims could the receivers bring against the company directors?

These are just some of the questions that have been put to us over the years. All of them we have either answered, advised on or taken as our starting points in court proceedings. We have also published and lectured on these issues.

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