Advocaat Jeroen Joustra

Jeroen Joustra


Before embarking on a career in law, Jeroen spent a number of years as the managing director of an advertising agency. But he gradually became aware that he needed a greater intellectual challenge in his work and so decided to start studying for a part-time degree in law at Leiden University alongside his day job. He continued to work in advertising after his graduation in 2008 – until 2015, when he switched permanently to the law.

In other words, Jeroen has plenty of experience of looking at things from a business perspective, which is a great help these days in terms of his ability to put himself in his clients’ shoes. After all, these are shoes he wore long enough himself. ‘I work together with my clients in trying to find not just the best legal course of action, but a truly practical solution.’ 

Intellectual property law

As a designer and art director in his previous life as the owner-manager of an advertising agency, Jeroen spent his time working on house styles, logos, advertising campaigns and website designs. He also developed a fascinating sideline, composing and producing music for commercials and theatrical productions. Together, the two activities brought him into close contact with issues such as copyright and trademark law, i.e. the legal route from a form to a source code and from an idea to augmented reality. This background goes a long way to explaining his interest in the law on intellectual property (IP) rights. The fact is that the importance of making watertight arrangements to protect his intellectual property was impressed on him time and time again in practice. That means looking carefully at the answers to questions like: how does an IP right come about? Who is the owner of an IP right? And how can the owner protect his or her rights? 

Disciplinary law

 In addition to focusing on IP law, Jeroen also assists and advises estate agents and bailiffs in disciplinary proceedings. These cases generally involve members of the public who have had an unpleasant experience and who want a tribunal to decide whether or not a particular estate agent or bailiff has acted in accordance with the relevant professional standards. Such cases can have a major impact on the reputation and social standing of the profession as a whole. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in law (Leiden University)
  • Master’s degree in law (Leiden University)

Ancillary positions

  • Member of the disciplinary committee of VMHC Cartouche hockey club


  • Dutch
  • English
  • German (spoken fluency) 

Netherlands Bar Association register of fields of law

Jeroen Joustra has registered the following principal (and secondary) legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal practice areas:

  • Intellectual property law
  • Disciplinary law

In accordance with the requirements laid down by the Netherlands Bar Association, he is obliged by virtue of this registration to obtain ten CPD points every calender year in each registered principal legal practice area. 

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