Nadine van der Slot knows our organization well, is very knowledgeable and involved, thinks with us, immerses herself in the situation and will always paint a clear and realistic picture of the possibilities and risks.

Marian Habraken

AB Zuid-Holland

No matter what issue, I call Nadine van der Slot. She always assists us with good advice and is reliable and personal. She speaks clearly and plainly, and her strategy is bold but certainly effective. We trust her expertise blindly.

Ruben Leeflang

Leeflang Cleaning & Transport BV

Sylvia Timmermans: We are extremely happy with the result. Nadine, Kimberley and Jeroen included all our wishes in the Legal Design designs. On top of that, feedback from employees has been very positive. They are happy that the documents are short, concise and clear. And engaging to read.

Sylvia TimmermansDunavie

Nadine is a regular contributor to the following publications: