The BodyTrade group was recently acquired by Vitafy. Matthy van Paridon, an M&A specialist and a managing partner at RWV Advocaten, and his team of lawyers spent the past few months working all-out, first in assisting BodyTrade with a major reorganisation before seeing this cross-border acquisition through to a successful conclusion.

BodyTrade and RWV Advocaten

“Matthy was the ideal partner. It was a long process during which he was available for consultation at any time, always striking the right tone,” explains Loek Postma. “His experience in the legal and financial world meant that he had a full grasp of the financial implications of the transaction. At the same time, his role also involved managing a team of bankers, financial advisers and tax lawyers. Last but definitely not least, we greatly appreciated his sense of humour and his uncanny ability to put things into perspective.”

Matthy: “In any type of strategic alliance, whether it’s a merger, acquisition or any other type of partnership, you need to take careful account of the interests of all the parties involved and be constantly willing to explore the reasons underlying the other party’s position. Once you understand the person behind the deal, you’re then in the right position to represent his or her interests. It has been incredibly gratifying to work together with Loek Postma and help him fulfil his dreams for the future. We worked in close harmony – with a genuine and deep sense of commitment - to come up with a good solution for the staff involved.”

As we have already mentioned, Matthy was not the only member of RWV Advocaten to work on this deal. The other team members were Judith Prins and Thijs de Jong. It was also thanks to their energy and dedication that the sale was successfully completed.

Finance, mergers and acquisitions

Any sort of strategic alliance needs to be backed by sound thinking and powerful financial arguments. Careful planning and management of the takeover process is required from the very outset. Here at RWV Advocaten, we have the people and the international contacts that are required to complete a successful corporate acquisition.