Birgitte Schelvis-Neuteboom


Birgitte has been a lawyer since 2018. Her specialist fields are family law and the law of inheritance in the broadest sense of the words. This means that she deals both with issues such as divorce and parental access rights and with the settlement of large and small estates.

She is particularly attracted by the combination of complex legal problems with all the various personal and emotional aspects that are inevitably involved in such cases. There is indeed frequently a big emotional dimension to cases involving family law and the law of inheritance. While being highly aware of this aspect, Birgitte nonetheless retains a sharp focus on the legal and financial aspects of the case in hand. She is a lawyer who takes a close personal interest in her cases, and believes in adopting an analytical, no-nonsense approach. Her overriding aim is to arrive at a practical solution. While preferring amicable agreement, she is nonetheless ready to take her case to court should it not prove possible to reach a consensus.

The law of inheritance

Birgitte has a great deal of experience in advising and litigating on cases involving inheritance law in general and the following aspects in particular: 

  • settling an estate;
  • the right of ‘usufruct’ (right of use);
  • distributing an estate;
  • regulating the powers of an executor;
  • dismissing an executor;
  • calculating an heir’s ‘statutory share’;
  • obtaining information needed to calculate the balance of an estate;

Bringing a combination of in-depth expertise and great single-mindedness to the table, she would be delighted to advise you on any matters concerning family law and the law of inheritance. 

vFAS Inheritance law


  • Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS) 


  • Bachelor’s degree in law (Leiden University)
  • Master’s degree in law (Leiden University)


  • Dutch
  • English 

Netherlands Bar Association register of fields of law

Birgitte Neuteboom has registered the following principal (and secondary) legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal practice areas: 

  • Inheritance law
  • Law of persons and family law 

In accordance with the requirements laid down by the Netherlands Bar Association, she is obliged by virtue of this registration to obtain ten CPD points every calender year in each registered principal legal practice area.

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