Are you thinking of getting divorced, but do you find the idea of getting in touch with a lawyer a bridge too far? Friday 15 September 2023 is National Divorce Day in the Netherlands – and it’s also the day on which we lawyers cross that bridge for our clients. It’s when we open our doors to all those in need of information about the divorce procedure – information that we provide at no charge and with no strings attached.

Why not arrange a meeting?

You can arrange to meet one of our divorce lawyers or mediators either by using the contact form below or by calling us on 071-750 22 00. 

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When’s the best time to seek advice

Not surprisingly, most people experience the process of getting divorced as a highly stressful and confusing period in their lives. If you are considering the possibility of getting divorced, it’s a good idea to obtain as much information as possible as early as possible in the process, and also to start thinking about the potential consequences. The more information you have, the easier it is to picture what the future is likely to bring, both during and after your divorce. It’s worth asking for advice from a specialist in the field – someone who can answer your most pressing questions. Such as:

  • What’s going to happen to the children?
  • What’s my financial situation going to be like after the divorce?
  • Can I continue running my own business?
  • Will I have to move house?
  • How much maintenance will I have to pay / can I expect to get
  • Will I still have a pension?

Together with the information provided by a specialist lawyer, the answers to these questions will give you a good picture of your future situation. The best way of preventing a divorce from ending in an acrimonious conflict is by taking legal advice early on, particularly as this often creates an opportunity for mediation.

What are the possible routes? 

Apart from mediation, there are a number of alternative means of ending a relationship. These include a ‘collaborative divorce’, a joint divorce petition and a unilateral divorce petition. Which one you use depends largely on your personal preferences and circumstances. 

Why not come and talk to us on National Divorce Day?

If you are thinking of getting divorced, you may well be interested to know that you’re more than welcome to come along to our office at any time between 9 am and 5 pm on Friday 15 September 2023. You’re welcome to come and have a chat with one of our lawyers or mediators – entirely free of charge and with no obligations attached. You can make the appointment yourself. 

We’ll be pleased to tell you how you can arrange your divorce successfully and efficiently, and to discuss the various alternative pathways with you. Together, we’ll examine your wishes and assess the possible courses of action, in both practical and legal terms. Your interests are our starting point: it’s on the basis of your interests that we decide which route to take and how to proceed.

So do come along and talk to us on 15 September. We look forward to meeting you!

Make a non-binding and free appointment now

You can schedule an appointment with us online or you can contact one of our family law solicitors by phone to make an appointment. You can reach us at 071-750 22 00.

If you are unable to come on Friday 15 September, you can always make an appointment on another day for free advice. Call 071-750 22 00 and mention that it is for free advice in relation to the Day of Divorce.

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