UAV and AVA terms

Every day, our lawyers work with terms, conditions and regulations in common use in the building industry, including the UAV (Uniform Administrative Conditions for the Execution of Works) and AVA (General Terms and Conditions for Contracting Work in the Construction Sector) terms, as well as a wide range of guarantee schemes. Consultancy and litigation are both important activities for our Property Law Practice Group. Our lawyers advise clients on matters of construction law and regularly represent clients before all manner of arbitration bodies, including the Court of Arbitration for the Building Industry in the Netherlands (Raad van Arbitrage voor de Bouw), and regular courts of law. We specialise in the following topics:

  • letters of intent and joint venture agreements;
  • contracts with architects;
  • contracts with suppliers;
  • contracts with sub-contractors;
  • general terms and conditions;
  • liability for defects;
  • failures to meet deadlines;
  • contract variations;
  • retention of title;
  • other civil-law issues in relation to building and construction.

Why should you contact our real estate lawyers?

We will be pleased to handle any queries and disputes in connection with construction law. We can draft contracts for you, assess documents prepared by your contractual partners, thereby helping to prevent disputes, mediate in conflicts and, if necessary, we can of course also litigate on your behalf on any construction-related issues.

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