Reorganisations and collective dismissals

We have considerable experience in advising companies and other organisations on the employment law aspects of reorganisations. 

Successful reorganisations require careful preparation. It is not simply a matter of analysing the financial implications. It is equally important that any decision on the staff an employer proposes including in a collective dismissal should be the result of a carefully planned and executed process. This often involves weighing up the company’s interests, the personal preferences of the staff concerned and the strict rules that need to be observed.

In fact, the hard work doesn’t start until the tough decisions have been taken. Employees need to be notified and decisions taken on the termination of employment contracts. Careful consideration also needs to be given to other aspects such as the financial and social impact on those made redundant, and the opportunities (or lack of them, as the case may be) available to the employer for easing this impact. 

However, it is important to bear in mind that normal service must continue both during and after this difficult process. Decisions need to be taken, for instance, on whether staff who are to be made redundant should continue working right up to the termination of their contracts. You also need to give thought to the need for informing and helping those staff whose jobs are not at risk, as they are likely to feel insecure and may need reassuring.

The success of a reorganisation hinges on sound advice and careful preparation. We have the skills and experience to assist both employers and employees during reorganisations.

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