dismissing a company director

Another point to bear in mind is that the procedure for dismissing a company director appointed under the articles of association is complex, as various conditions relating both to employment law and the law of procedure need to be satisfied. 

If the employer fails to observe these statutory regulations, either the dismissal may be declared null and void or the company may be ordered to pay the director a larger severance package than would otherwise be the case. 

In other words, both parties need to be alerted to their respective rights and obligations. Doing so at an early stage may prevent disputes from going to court.

Why should you contact our employment law lawyers?

We can advise both employers and directors about the complex regulations in this field of law, whether this is at the start of the employment relationship, by drafting an employment contract, or at the end, by assisting the employer or the director during negotiations on the termination of the latter’s employment contract or during the dismissal procedure.

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